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Halo 3 Hardware Store
Who doesn’t like Weird Al Yankovic?  Ok so there are some people who don’t but I can’t help it I just love the musical and lyrical satire that infuses his compositions.  Call me a sucker, call me a sellout but always call me over when there is a funny Weird Al song around.  Pattythedog615 evidently feels the same because he took Weird Al’s song “Hardware Store” and using Halo 3’s game engine faithfully depicted the frenetic and absurd desire of someone who just can’t wait for the hardware store to open. Come on what’s funnier than a bunch of people waiting in line to be first at the opening of something that will be there tomorrow?  Seen a movie lately?  Well... I recommend you see this one before heading out.

[Posted: Jul-24-2009 11:44 EST -  (Link)]