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This Spartan Life


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The Ring of Life: Part 1 of 6
This is blatant unashamed self promotion. With the release of The Ring of Life I decided that since I have these popular Halo websites at my disposal I would set aside my objectivity and unabashedly promote the latest story in the Halo CE Chronicles saga.  The Ring of Life, the latest in the Halo CE Chronicles saga, tells the story of station Commander Harrington, Andrea the AI and a company of marines marooned on the very first Ring World found by man.  Part one of this six part story opens with the commander and the marines apparently at odds.  Not all is what it seems.  The Ring of Life will be released once a week over the next six weeks. You can download the video in windows media format from here or here and view the streaming version from here or here.  Visit the Halo CE Chronicles Website for an article that gives a more detailed overview of the series.

[Posted: Jul-28-2009 11:52 EST -  (Link)]