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This Spartan Life


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Section: Self Published - Music Video All Files

The Self Published section of the website contains unrated Halo videos published by the author at other video hosting websites. Although there may be some gems we overlooked in our review process we cannot guarantee that the videos in this section will meet the editorial standards we set for the main part of the website. None of the videos in this section have been reviewed. View at your own risk.

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Image Title Date Size User
Spartans and Elites
Author: zanota
Genre: Music Video
01/22/08 0.0KB 0.0 0.0 485
Gruntys world
Author: zanota
Genre: Music Video
01/21/08 0.0KB 0.0 0.0 516
One Track Minded Age - Broken Iris
Author: harabek
Genre: Music Video
01/18/08 0.0KB 0.0 0.0 149
sKc productions- smooth criminal
Author: sKc_chains
Genre: Music Video
01/06/08 0.0KB 0.0 0.0 282
Greatest Grunt Movie Ever
Author: GameGodLazy/GameHeavenProduction
Genre: Music Video
12/30/07 0.0KB 4.6 0.0 1600
Halo: Unfreakingbelievable
Author: Banshee Friend
Genre: Music Video
12/28/07 0.0KB 2.9 0.0 354
Page 2 of 2    Viewing: 26 Records (20 per page)