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Bad Day
We don’t normally host game play videos or montages unless they are special. We try to focus on Machinima that tells a story.  In our opinion there is nothing really that special about picking your best kill shots and editing them together to loud music. So when Hunter Dansin submitted his first video for hosting at first glance it appeared to be a montage. I was especially conflicted because I know Hunter quite well and really didn’t want to have to reject it.  How happy was I that didn't have to! Although utilizing in-game video, with the help of the Lyrics of Daniel Powter's song "Bad Day" Hunter tells a story all gamers can relate to: Having a bad day.  It's a cute little video and I liked it regardless of my relationship with the author.  It is available for download in WMP9 format.

[Posted: Jul-13-2007 16:48 EST -  (Link)]