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We don’t normally host demo videos for new Halo CE maps, we have a few times in the past but not normally. Well if that was a hard fast rule we would break it for this video.  Crowpath, the map designer that brought you the Halo CE maps Siege has been working on a new map for quite some time now. He has been attempting to push the limits of the Halo Blam! game engine in regards to graphics and playability.  The detail he has put into this new map is spectacular to say the least.  He is nearly finished with it and will be releasing the map soon. However, in the mean time you can whet your appetite with this promotional trailer of the maps features. Be prepared to be amazed.    Available in WMP9 high resoluton and QuickTime lower resolution versions.

[Posted: Aug-04-2007 19:03 EST -  (Link)]