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This Spartan Life


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Searching for the Elusive Glitch
This Spartan Life Episode 5 tackles the pros and cons of the game company's worst nightmare and the gamers' absolute delight. The "Glitch". For those unaware, a glitch is something in the game, a bit of mysteriously missing or moving scenery, a part of the map you were never intended to be able to get to or an action where pushing the right controls in a specific order causes something that the game designers never intended to happen.  In this episode Tony finds something strange amidst the rocks of Coagulation and as Damian starts the show, the Poopee Doo Doo hits the fan. Funny as always. You can download the entire opening episode in WMP9 or QuickTime format from the "This Spartan Life section" of the website.

[Posted: Aug-31-2007 10:51 EST -  (Link)]