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This Spartan Life


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How Long has it been?
It seems like yesterday that I stopped writing about the videos we post but I see that it has been over a year:  Not much time for an old fart like me, but forever in Internet time.  I have still been posting new videos from time to time but have been very picky as to the ones I like or the ones we feature on the homepage.  I have to say that I have become somewhat disillusioned with what has been submitted and what I have found.  That and the need to concentrate on my day job in this falling economy have prevented me from writing about some of the Halo things I have found out there.  I hope to do better in the coming weeks as I have some new videos to present, starting with the return of This Spartan Life and also, if you will excuse the self promotion, Season 5 of The Halo CE Chronicles.  Now that the little spare time I had that was devoted to the making of the HCEC Machinima is freed up  I will be once again be sharing my opinions, good and bad of the Halo videos we host.  So without further ado let’s get started.

[Posted: Jul-22-2009 14:40 EST -  (Link)]