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This Spartan Life


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Submit a Movie

There are two ways to have your Halo Video posted on Halo Movies.
  1. Hosted By Halo Movies
    All videos hosted by Halo Movies are reviewed for quality must mees our editorial requirements to be hosted here. Why? We only host the very best Halo Machinima our visitors expect it and it is our mission to insure that only quality Halo machinima gets hosted.
  2. Self Published (see below)
    If you want your video to appear on our website but have been rejected or just prefer to host somewhere else like YouTube or some other movie hosting website you can submit your supplied Embed code to be placed in our Self Published section of videos.

To Be Hosted and Reviewed By Halo Movies

Submission Guidelines for Halo Movies Hosting
  1. Movies/Videos should be under 80 megs in size. We will make exceptions but only in VERY, VERY RARE cases.
  2. NO adult content or nudity. NO profanity. Please review the sound track or background music for language. We make the decision on what is acceptable and there is no argument. As a guide line: If you wouldn't say it in front of your grandmother then you can't say it here.
  3. Movies should be encoded in standard CODECS. We recommend WMP9, QuickTime, MPEG-4 or Divix. If we can't view it we won't post it.
  4. We reserve the right to re-encode your movie into other formats or sizes to improve compression. After all it's our bandwidth.
  5. As a general rule we WILL NOT accept videos for hosting that have the capture software logo superimposed on the screen. That means if the video has the "fraps" logo at the top - it will be rejected.
  6. Stunt and trick or game play montages videos MUST be of special interest and something very new.
  7. Videos filmed on low end video cards are not likely to get hosted.
  8. If you are too lazy to include a simple text files with your name and information then we will be too lazy to either post your movie or if we do not give you credit for it. This is not rocket science.

By submitting your file you grant Halo Movies and UXB Internet a non-exclusive non-revocable license (not ownership) to display, promote, or modify your file and the information in the submission herein, in whole or in part, in any form or format now in existence or yet to be invented, on Halo Maps and its affiliate and partner sites and networks.

Upload your Video: There are two upload options:
  • FTP File transfer:
  • This option uses a Java applet to enable you to transfer large files to our server. It will download a small Java Applet to run in your web browser. Be sure that you have the Java virtutal machine installed with your web browser and when asked you must approve the applet to run. This applet will use port 21 for FTP transfers

  • HTTP File Transfer
    This option will allow you to upload files through your web browser and requires the Flash 8 plugin (or better) to operate. There is a file size limit of 32Mb and a maximum file limit of 42MB per transfer. If you wish to upload larger files please use the FTP option.

Select upload option


Self-Published Halo Movies

If your Halo video is aready hosted on YouTube or some other video hosting site that offers an Embed code tag then you can post your video here using that tag. Complete the form below and click preview to be sure that you have entered the code corectly and your video is working. Note: ALL FIELDS ARE REQUIRED.

Self Published Form

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Game Engine:

Video Description (200 chars)

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